Sandpaper People

By Lynette Sowell


You know them, I’m sure. Those people you see at the grocery store, at church, in the office, or maybe in the hallway at school. The Sandpaper People (not to be confused with the Star Wars Sand People, who are supposedly just as pesky). They have nothing good to say, and more often than not, they always seem to have the exact opposite viewpoint from you. We don’t have to seek out people like this, but they pop up in the garden of our lives like weeds that keep coming back. Sandpaper people are hard to like. Sometimes they know more about everything than anyone else in the room. For some reason, they’re the ones who are in the middle of every committee, every venture, those who always have not just a mere piddly two cents to offer to the world of their opinion, but always a few dollars’ worth.
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