Questions to my readers

Hook Up Jasper Johnson

Today I would like each of my readers to explore several questions and reply to my e-mail address, with your responses. I believe that addressing questions helps us all become better fishermen. No one person has all the skills they need to be the perfect fisherman. Those little green fish we know and love are, like us, always changing and forever doing the unexpected. So by sharing our experiences we may gain a better understanding of what to do in certain circumstances that will help us to be more productive every time we head to the water. So here are my questions to you.
1. Do you catch fish every time you go out using a special technique that you have developed?
2. If so, would you be willing to share it with the rest of my readers?
3. What type of bait has been most productive for you here on the Central Texas Lakes and why do you think it has been?
4. Are you doing something different that has made particular bait productive for you? If so, would you be willing to share it with my readers?
5. If you could only take one type of bait, crank, spinner, top water, swim bait, plastics to fish with here in Central Texas what would it be and in what color or colors?
6. What lake in Central Texas do you think is the most productive and why?
7. Do you enjoy taking kids fishing? If so, would you be interested in being a boat captain for a high school bass club’s fishermen/women? If your answer is yes, please provide me your e-mail address and I will link you up with one of the sponsors.
8. Has Hook-up helped you become a little better fisherman? If so why? If not, why?
9. What subjects would you like to see covered in future articles of Hook-up and why?
10. Just for grins, who do you think is the most versatile Elite Series Pro and why?
Make my e-mail explode with your questions. In a future article I will share your responses, not your personal info, with my other readers. No names or e-mail addresses will be released. If you specifically do not want any of what you share with me released in future articles, please tell me that in your responses and I will keep it just between you and me. 
Now go to your e-mail and let me hear from you and hopefully we can share something that will help us all go out there and catch a Big’un!

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