For the grads

Lynette Sowell
-My front porch-
Tonight is the annual “Walk of Fame” held by the Copperas Cove Education Foundation to honor the top 10 percent of this year’s batch of graduating seniors. Oh, to be 17, 18, or 19 again—not that I’d be willing to go through the throes of the teenage years again. But to know then, what I know now...
Some graduates have ideas of what they’re going to “be.” Some have no clue, and that’s okay, too. I was there once, with plenty of ideas of what I was going to “be.”
Many of the top 10 percent graduates have some idea of what they plan to “be,” I also think it’s a good idea for the grads to know a few things about who they are already. This will come in handy if you are graduating and you really don’t know what you’d like to do.


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