Extra Credit

By Renae Brumbaugh


You’ve heard of a Jack-ofall- trades? Well, I’m a Jill-of-few-trades. I have a limited number of things I do really well, and a whole lot of things I really stink at. And one thing I’m not is a scientist. Yeah. Be glad I’m not your pharmacist. ‘Nuff said. When I was in high school, I had to take chemistry. It was required to graduate. Try as I may, I just couldn’t understand the elements and the compounds and how they mixed together. My mind would get way too distracted at the cute little bitty numbers written up high or down low to focus on their actual meanings. I was a good student, though. Really. I made excellent grades, and didn’t want chemistry to be my Achilles’ painin- the-you-know-what. So I did what any good student would do. I showed up before and after school for tutorials. I studied like crazy. And I brought the teacher, Mr. Miller, homemade chocolate chip cookies.
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