Race track beckons and the Big Un’ responds

Cup o Joe | Big Joe Lombardi

Sad story first, or pity party, or whatever you want to call it:  
After finishing up last season at a dirt track north of Copperas Cove, then being told four days before the 2018 season began that my talents were no longer needed..something about me leaving in August to go work on Bulldawg football.  
With that said, poor, poor pitiful me wondered if I would ever get behind a dirt track announcer’s microphone again.  It turned out that indeed I would.
Happy story now:
A week ago, I got a call from old friend Joe Spillman, who, along with Heather Combs, is now operating 281 Speedway in Stephenville and Joe needed help. It seemed that his regular announcer had to be out of town and was I available this past Saturday night?
Uh, yeah. Anytime a race track calls, I would show up with bells on, minus the fancy hat(s) you saw at Megan and Harry’s wedding.
So, Sherry and I loaded up, took off for S-town,  got there, got lost and finally, after a comedy of errors with our hotel, we found a room next door, got Sherry settled in the jacuzzi and spa and I’m off to the track.
Even though I’d never been there, it was just like old home week. Driver interviews done, the races started and here I was at a different race track doing my job. It was great, like I’d never been away.  Thanks, Joe and Heather.  You made my day!
Now, a word for the guy who fired me for not choosing race cars over Bulldawgs:
Ain’t gonna happen.
Go Dawgs!  

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