Congressman, U.S. Senate candidate speak at Lincoln Reagan dinner


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The Coryell County Republican Party held its annual Lincoln Reagan dinner at the Gatesville Civic Center, with Congressman Roger Williams as the keynote speaker.

Williams spoke a few words to the approximately 100 at the dinner, among whom were a number of the candidates running on the Republican party ticket for the March 6 primary election.

He said his platform is simple.

“It’s lower taxes, less government, cut spending, defend the borders, listen to your generals, understand the 10th Amendment, and always stay with Israel,” Williams said.

“All of us who decide to run and serve, it’s important because people ask us, you’re going to get out there, how are you going to make decisions.” He said he makes his decisions based on what the Bible, the United States Constitution, his conscience and what the district says. Williams said he often contacts Jack Barcroft, the county GOP chair, and asks him where the area stands on things.

He said the Constitution is not a living, breathing document, as some say, “you don’t make it up as you go along.”

Based on those things, Williams said, he has not made a vote since 2012 that he has regretted.

“That’s what we’re going to stick with.”

He spoke out against the FBI investigating the President and would like it to get back into the business of defending America.

“We’re tired of the NRA being ripped apart by the news media and the left,” he said. “We’re tired of regulations. We’re tired of the Dodd-Frank regulations choking banks, choking Main Street, where banks can’t loan you money, to where you can’t do business. We’re tired of sanctuary cities and we’re tired of people breaking the law and peoples saying, it’s ok, to just a little bit break the law. We’re tired of seeing the future of our country, the children in our schools get killed at school. We’re tired of this.”

Williams is up for reelection this year, seeking his third term. Although he is unopposed in the primary, he will be facing the winner of a five-candidate field on the Democratic ticket in November.

Also making an appearance was Bruce Jacobson Jr., who is running for the United States Senate office, held by Ted Cruz.

“I want to bring principled conservatism back to leadership having the opportunity to serve President Reagan during both terms of his administration I’ve watched a man, a great President, use his ability to draw coalitions to move forward the conservative agenda,” Jacobson said. “He had the ability to meet with people, Jim Wright, Tip O’Neill, people that didn’t think like him, didn’t agree with them, but he had the ability to win him over

“Today, if you’re seen with the wrong Republican on the wrong day, you’re demonized. My part is, having serving Presidents Reagan and Bush, I’ve been in ministry the last 23 years. I’m vice president of Life Outreach International, executive producer of our television show. I’ve had the opportunity to be an ally of those looking for hope and those crying out for help.

“I believe most of our political leaders today, and I believe Ted Cruz falls into this, they’ve forgotten what it means to serve. They’re blinded by their own ambition. Their heart is driven by what’s on their agenda rather than what’s on the hearts and the minds of the people of Texas. I want to bring servant leadership into the office of the United States Senate.”

Jacobson is an alum of Baylor University with a degree in political science, having worked for the Reagan administration and George Bush Sr. After that time, he went into the ministry.

He feels that if someone is running for President, like Senator Cruz was, he lost focus on the people of Texas, worrying more about what the people of Florida or New York thought, than about the people of Texas.

After the meal, other candidates present were also given the chance to make yet one more pitch to any voters present who haven’t yet cast their ballots during early voting.

Republican party chair Jack Barcroft talked about the number of candidates running in county elections, in which a total of 26 candidates are running for 12 positions.

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