Cove students flip over new video platform

Special to the Leader-Press 

Clements/Parsons Elementary students are amplifying their voices for all to not only hear but also see. Fifth grade science teachers Jacqueline Ritz and LaRissa Wilkinson are using Flipgrid for formative assessments with their students to gauge how well their students are learning the information they are being taught. 
Flipgrid is a video discussion platform used by educators and students in nearly 200 countries. Teachers post topics and students respond with short videos. 
“We gave our students the task of creating a Flipgrid video explaining to other students the differences between electrical insulators and conductors,” Ritz said. “Then, we all watch the Flipgrid videos together. It gives both students and teachers a chance to positively respond to students and clear up any misconceptions. Students love watching other kids, and it gives them powerful reinforcement.”
Through Flipgrid, students record short, personalized videos and can also post replies to other students’ videos. Educators control the video moderation, access controls, and aspects of the video-making and airing process.
Nicole White, instructional coach, said the possibilities are endless for students to verbalize their learning and encouraged other classrooms to use the easy-to-use recording tool.    
“One of the focuses this year is on analyzing student work, and boy, did fifth grade science respond,” White said. “Through Flipgrid, Mrs. Ritz and Mrs. Wilkinson are analyzing students’ work in their science labs. So, cool!”
Students can capture widescreen videos, pause while recording, add more after reviewing, and edit until it is perfect.  Videos range from 15 seconds to five minutes. The platform is also accessible on any device from cell phones to lap tops to tablets. 
Student Bill White enjoyed the platform’s ability to share his thoughts not only in the classroom but outside as well.
“I like Flipgrid because you can express what you’re learning about…not necessarily just to the teacher but to whoever watches your Flipgrids,” White said. 
Teachers can also collaborate globally with any other teachers using Flipgrids through the GridPals program. The platform also offers a Discovery Library recommending topics for all of the core subject areas of education. 

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