Clements/Parsons Elementary serves as model school for future teachers

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Central Texas College student Kiara Glandon dreams of the day that she will, one day, have her own classroom as an elementary education teacher. Glandon took a step closer toward her goal during a tour of Clements/Parsons Elementary for her CTC Educating Young Children class. 

Glandon smiled as she walked through the hallways and peeked in on classrooms engaged in learning, realizing she had not been back on an elementary campus since she was enrolled in elementary school.  

“From my observations during the tour, I believe that this institution provides more than enough for effective development and proper education of the children who attend,” Glandon said.

Glandon said she was impressed with both the physical and emotional environment of the school and would happily send her children to Clements/Parsons Elementary if she had children. 

“This school honestly cares about its students and their families and the local community that they create,” Glandon said.  

Studies show when families feel welcomed and positive relationships are encouraged by the school staff, it is more likely for families to be actively involved in the education of their children. When families are involved, students do better academically. 

Glandon was specifically interested in the special needs program and the educational programs offered by the school. 

“The care that was dedicated to educating the children who have special needs at this school is phenomenal,” Glandon said. “I observed that the teachers and staff really do care about the well-being and development of these students.” 

Glandon commented that students were enthusiastic and happy to be at school and that teachers are literally preparing the next generation. 

“CCISD wants to employee the best teachers possible to help shape the minds of our young people,” said Parent Community Outreach Coordinator Megan Tawney. “Copperas Cove ISD is committed to supporting new teachers. CCISD offers mentors to all teachers new to the district whether they are new to the teaching profession or just new to CCISD.”

Teachers new to the profession receive an annual starting salary of $50,000. CCISD also provides a health contribution of $408 per month toward employees’ insurance. Veteran teacher salaries are based on years of experience and certification areas with bonuses up to $10,000 for teachers in designated core subject areas. CCISD also offers monthly professional development opportunities for teachers.  

“We always welcome those students working toward education degrees to come and see the teaching and learning that happens not just at Clements/Parsons Elementary but all across our district,” Tawney said. “We are excited that future teachers literally view our schools as role models, and we hope they will return to CCISD as certified teachers when they obtain their degrees.”

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