CCISD seniors outscore region and state on end-of-course exams

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Copperas Cove ISD 2022 graduates consistently increased their end of course exams over their 2021 counterparts and met the scores or outperformed the scores of other seniors across the region and across Texas.

The largest scoring gap between Copperas Cove High School seniors and other seniors in the region and the state was in U.S. History. More than half of the 2022 CCHS senior class mastered U.S. History with 55 percent of students demonstrating extreme knowledge of the subject as compared to 41 percent in the region and 43 percent in the state. In 2022, 81 percent of CCHS seniors exceeded the exam requirements as compared to only 70 percent in both the region and the state. Nearly all 2022 CCHS seniors passed the history exam with 95 percent passing as compared to 90 percent in the region and 89 percent in the state.

This is compared with 50 percent of 2021 seniors mastering U.S. History, 74 percent meeting the requirement, and 90 percent approaching the subject.

2022 CCHS graduate Dayna Ruiz mastered U.S. History and said she appreciated the rigorous course work provided by the school district.

“During my freshman and sophomore years, I enrolled in honor classes that prepared me for the early college classes I would be taking as an upperclassman,” Ruiz said. “The CCISD Early College Program gave me the chance to be on campus at Central Texas College learning from professors. I quickly learned the pace difference between college and high school making me more prepared for my academic future as I attend Texas A&M University in the fall.”

In Biology, 17 percent of 2022 CCHS seniors mastered the course compared to 15 percent in 2021; 55 percent meeting the requirement in 2022 compared to 43 percent in 2021; and 83 percent approaching the subject in 2022 as compared to 22 percent in 2021.

In English I, 74 percent of 2022 CCHS seniors passed the exam, more than 10 percentage points over 2021 CCHS seniors, as compared to 64 percent in the region and 63 percent in the state. Fifty-seven percent of CCHS seniors exceeded the exam requirement as compared to 48 percent in the region and the state. Nine percent of CCHS seniors as well as those in the region and state mastered the exam. In 2021, 63 percent of CCHS seniors passed the exam with 42 percent exceeding the requirement and five percent mastering the test.


In the related course of English II, 73 percent of CCHS seniors passed the exam, slightly edging out their region and state peers who had a 72 percent and 71 percent passing rate respectively. The same was true for CCHS seniors with 59 passing the exam as compared to only 58 percent in the region and 57 percent in the state. -

CCHS 2022 graduate Allyssa Kimball mastered all of her end-of-course exams and will study psychology at Texas State University in the fall.

“I am grateful for the rigor of the curriculum that CCISD has offered throughout my years in school. My elementary teachers prepared me for junior high, my junior high teachers prepared me for high school and high school has prepared me for college,” Kimball said. “My dual credit courses through which I have already earned 42 college credits were such a big help in making me feel confident going into my freshman year of college.”

Texas high school seniors enrolled in public schools must pass end-of-course exams in Biology, English I, English II, Algebra I, and U.S. History, despite grade point averages, or must meet the requirements of individual graduation committees.  

“We are extremely proud of the continued progress and hard work of both our students and our staff to ensure a strong understanding of academic coursework and will continue to strive for excellence, understanding that there is always room for continued growth,” CCISD Deputy Superintendent Amanda Crawley said.



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