June 22-25

June 22
Forgery of money: 2000 block West Avenue B. 
Debit card abuse: 900 block West Business Highway 190. 
Strike fixture/highway/landscaping O/200: 300 block South 1st Street.
2380 Found property: 1100 block Travis Circle. Found: CD cases.
Accident: 700 block East Business Highway 190. 
Criminal mischief 100-750: 500 block West View Lane. Damaged: Tires. Value: $380.
Burglary of a vehicle: 1900 block Mattie Drive. Stolen: United States currency, United States coinage, stun gun. Total value: $130.
Graffiti 100-750: 600 block Kate Street. Damaged: Playground equipment. Value: $200.
Arrested: McGovern, Donan Thomas: 200 block West Avenue A. Arrest warrant, terroristic threat.
Illegal dumping: 400 block Constitution Drive. 
Fraudulent use/possession of identifying information. 800 block Michelle Drive.
Welfare concern: 400 block Veterans Avenue. 
Runaway: 200 block Barber Drive. 
Domestic pet at large: 700 block Casa Circle. 
Arrested: Cox III, Charles Frank: 500 block F.M. 3046. Arrest warrant, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Welfare concern: 2700 block Settlement Road. 
Welfare concern: 3400 block Samuel Street. 
Found property: 300 block East Avenue E. Found: Necklace.
Theft 100-750: 2700 block East Business Highway 190. Stolen: Electronics. Total value: $149.94.
Arrested: Cameron, Dustin Cody: 200 block Allen Street. Possession of marijuana U/2 ounces.

June 23 
Runaway return: 400 block Pinto Drive. (One juvenile detained and released to parent).
Safe keeping: 3000 block Two Raven Trail. 
Assault by threat: 1000 block Craddock Street. 
Theft 100-750: 60 block Locust Drive. Stolen: Cameras. Value: $160.
Assault with bodily injury-family violence: 2300 block Bernice Circle. (No charges filed)
Welfare concern: 800 block Michelle Drive. 
Criminal mischief 100-750: 1100 block Ewell Court. (One juvenile detained and released to parent)
72-hour Parking: 1000 block South 13th Street. 
Accident: Intersection Meggs Street and South 1st Street.
Criminal mischief 100-750: 100 block West Avenue D. Damaged: Copper pipe. Value: $250.
Welfare concern: 1400 block East Business Highway 190. 
Assault by contact-family violence: 2900 block Starlight Drive. (No charges filed).
Assault with bodily injury-family violence: 300 block West Washington Avenue.
Graffiti U/100: Intersection Casa Drive and Sunset Lane. Damaged: Street sign. Value: $90.
Graffiti U/100: Intersection Sunset Lane and Georgetown Road. Damaged: Street sign. Value: $90.
Theft 100-750: 2900 block East Business Highway 190. Stolen: Groceries. Total value: $532.
Harassment by phone: 1800 block Phyllis Drive. 
Theft 100-750: 2900 block East Business Highway 190. Stolen: Groceries, alcohol. Total value: $124.
Arrested: Sluder, Jimmy Lee: 2900 block East Business Highway 190. Assist another agency (Lampasas County Sheriff’s Office) Arrest warrant, assault family/household member with previous conviction.
Arrested: Bates, April Leona: 500 block West Washington Avenue. Criminal Trespass.
Arrested: Mayhew, Blaind: 600 block West Avenue B. Driving while license invalid-enhanced, display wrong/fictitious insignia.
Found property: 1800 block South F.M. 116. Found: Bicycle.
Burglary of a habitation: 800 block South 23rd Street.
Arrested: Tippit, Marquez Dajuan: 100 block South Main Street. Arrest Warrants X3, criminal mischief 100-750, violate protective order, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon-family violence.
Assist another agency (Falfurrias Police Department): Stolen/recovered vehicle: 300 block East Avenue E.

June 24 
Welfare Concern: 500 block Joe Morse Drive. 
Fail to identify, assist another agency (Travis County Juvenile Probation): 1200 block Georgetown Road. (Juvenile detained and released to Bell County Juvenile Detention Center).
Arrested: Malm, Shelby Alexander: 1200 block Georgetown Road. Possession of marijuana U/2 ounces.
Attempted suicide: 500 block Sunset Lane. 
Theft 100-750: 500 block South Main Street. Stolen: Cell phone with case. Value: $280.
Accident: 500 block Town Square. 
Arrested: Medina, Angel III: 1900 block North 1st Street. Possession of marijuana u/2 ounces, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Assault with bodily injury-family violence X2: 700 block Creek Street. (No charges filed)
Abandon/endanger child, criminal neglect: 400 block Wild Plum Drive.

June 25
Assault by contact: 1200 block East Business Highway 190. 
Assault with bodily injury: 2900 block Markos Drive. 
Burglary of a vehicle: 800 block North Drive. Stolen: GPS. Value: $80.
Assault by contact-family violence: 1400 block Neff Drive. (No charges filed).
Theft 750-2,500: 1200 block South 3rd Street. Stolen: United States currency. Value $900.
Theft 2,500-30k: 2300 block Phyllis Drive. Stolen: Electronics, tools, household items and appliances. Total value: $17,025.
Welfare concern: 4400 block Grimes Crossing Road. 
Duty on striking unattended vehicle O/200: 1000 block Brookview Drive.
Assault by contact: 1000 block North Drive. 
Assault with bodily injury-family violence: 2000 block East Business Highway 190.

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